Week 1: Mood, Personality, & Sleep

The Suicide of Dorothy Hale

          Frida Kahlo, 1939 (James C. Harris, 2003)

To learn the science of mind and behavior, we begin by reflecting upon the experience of persons with mental illness. Start the week by spending a couple minutes with a painting depicting an experience of mental illness. What is happening here? What comes to mind? Why? Want to learn more? Follow the white rabbit.

Reading myself - Robert Lowell

Now let’s read a poem. Read it twice. What emotions do you feel? Want to know even more? Wander down the rabbit hole.


Let’s zoom out to the population level. Spend the next five minutes exploring population-health datasets to understand the experience of mental illness locally, nationally, and internationally.

Now let's play a game

Remember Memory? Match a pair of cards. Once a match is made, you earn an opportunity to learn this week’s material. Don’t like games?

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